Faux Leather Sheets

Faux leather is a synthetic leather used for sewing and crafts when a real leather look is desired.  This product is great for earrings, hair bows, sewing, shoes and so much more!
View all 101 dalmatian faux leather 101 Dalmatian leather 49 ers leather 49ers leather army leather big bird leather sheet black cow print leather Broncos leather brown cow print leather brown cow print synthetic leather camo faux leather camo leather camouflage faux leather camouflage leather camouflage synthetic leather Cat in the Hat faux leather Cat in the Hat leather chicken leather cookie monster leather sheet cow leather cow print faux leather cow print leather cow print synthetic leather Dallas Cowboy faux leather Dallas Cowboy leather dalmatian leather Denver Broncos leather Eagles faux leather eagles football leather farm fresh leather farm leather faux leather fire department faux leather fire department leather fire department synthetic leather fleur-de-lis leather football laces leather giraffe print faux leather giraffe print leather giraffe print synthetic leather green tractor leather harry potter faux leather harry potter leather harry potter leather sheet john deere leather leather sheet marine corp faux leather marine corp leather sheet marine faux leather mickey leather sheet mickey mouse faux leather mickey mouse leather New Orleans Saints faux leather New Orleans Saints leather Packers leather paisley leather Philadelphia Eagles leather sheet police leather pooh bear leather sheet pooh faux leather puppy feet leather puppy love leather red paisley leather Redskins Leather saints leather San Francisco 49ers leather Scoob leather scooby doo leather sesame street faux leather sesame street leather sheep leather support our police leather synthetic leather thin blue line leather tractor leather united states army faux leather us army leather Washington Redskins winnie the pooh faux leather Winnie the Pooh leather