1 Yard Lengths

1 YARD ribbon if you need just a little.  We have grosgrain and satin. Find characters, polka dots, animals and more. Ribbon by the yard is ideal for all crafts, sewing, hair bows and gift wrapping. Don't see what you need? Just ask us.
View all 1 inch jacquard 1 inch jacquard ribbon 1 yard ribbon 3/8 inch ribbon 4-H ribbon 5/8 inch grosgrain 5/8 inch ribbon 5/8 polka dot ribbon 7/8 inch grosgrain 7/8 inch polka dot ribbon 7/8 inch ribbon 7/8 inch satin 7/8 inch satin ribbon aqua ribbon aqua ribbon by the yard baby shower decoration baby shower ribbon baby shower supplies black and white ribbon black dot ribbon black grosgrain ribbon black jumbo dot ribbon black polka dot ribbon blender ribbon blue dot ribbon blue fish ribbon blue giraffe ribbon blue grosgrain ribbon blue jacquard blue jacquard ribbon blue owl ribbon blue polka dot ribbon blue ribbon blue shark ribbon boy ribbon bug ribbon chicken decoration chicken ribbon clown fish decoration colorful fish ribbon colorful owl ribbon cow decorations cow ribbon craft supplies cute animal ribbon dark blue grosgrain ribbon dark blue ribbon diapercake decoration DIY craft supplies door wreath decoration dummy clip ribbon farm animal decoration farm animal decorations farm animal ribbon fish decoration fish ribbon fisherman ribbon gift basket ribbon gift wrap ribbon giraffe decoration giraffe ribbon giraffe supply green owl ribbon grosgrain ribbon hair bow decoration hair bow ribbon hair bow supplies hot pink dot ribbon hot pink grosgrain hot pink polka dot ribbon hot pink polka dot supply hot pink ribbon hot pink zebra print hot pink zebra print ribbon jacquard by the yard jacquard ribbon jacquard sewing ribbon jumbo dot ribbon jumbo red dot ribbon lady bug decoration lady bug ribbon lady bug supplies lanyard supplies nursery decoration nursery ribbon nursery supplies orange fish ribbon orange owl ribbon orange ribbon orange shark ribbon owl decoration owl ribbon pacifier clip ribbon pig decoration pig ribbon pink jacquard pink jacquard ribbon polka dot bow ribbon polka dot decoration polka dot grosgrain polka dot ribbon polka dot supply printed grosgrain ribbon printed satin ribbon purple grosgrain purple polka dot ribbon purple ribbon red 5/8 inch ribbon red chevron ribbon red lady bug ribbon red polka dot grosgrain red polka dot ribbon red satin ribbon ribbon by the yard ribbon to sew ribbon trim royal blue ribbon satin owl ribbon satin polka dot ribbon satin ribbon scrapbooking supplies sewing ribbon sewing supplies shark decoration shark ribbon sheep decoration sheep ribbon small black polka dot ribbon solid grosgrain solid grosgrain ribbon solid orange ribbon solid purple ribbon solid ribbon solid turquoise ribbon stock show ribbon turquoise ribbon turquoise ribbon by the yard unisex baby shower ribbon white chevron ribbon white dot ribbon white jumbo dot ribbon white polka dot ribbon woven jacquard wreath decoration wreath ribbon wreath supplies zebra print decoration zebra print ribbon zigzag ribbon